Wrath Token Collection Guide

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Tokens from Drops
The following enemies have a fair chance to drop Wrath Tokens :

Al'ar Sunbeam
Arcane Spirit
Big Red
Biggest Baddest Wolf
Bile Retcher
Bony Construct
Catienne the Mistress
Crazed Scourge
Crypt Spirit
Daggerfall Pirate
Dark Felhunter
Dark Imp
Darkmaster Gandling
Dead Caravan Worker
Death Knight
Death Knight Captain
Death Knight Cavalier
Deathcharger Steed
Devourer of Souls
Doctor Theolen Krastinov
Druid Rogue
Dwarf Shaman
Earth Elemental
Elemental Spider
Etherin Priest
Fallen Neophyte
Fathom-Lord Karathress
Flame Elemental
Flame of the Forest
Forlorn Creeper
Forlorn Creeper
Freeze the Warlock
Frenzied Bat
Frost Initiate
Frozen Axe Guard
Frozen Berserker
Frozen Yeti
Glar the Quick
Harold Valiant
High King Maulgar
Hogger Sr.
Hooded Traveller
Ice Elemental
Infectious Ghoul
Instructor Malicia
Jandice Barov
Janook the Creator
Jergosh the Invoker
Keep Overseer
Keep Patroller
Kiggler the Crazed
King Gordok
Kuan Zar
Lady Vashj
Lake Pinchers
Lake Scorpion
Living Monstrosity
Long Fang
Lord Blackwood
Lord Inquisitor Opalezzix
Lord Kri
Mad Scientist
Majestic Cat
Majestic Hawk
Majestic Wilds Orge
Mallory Frost
Marauding Geist
Master Akil
Mini Brawler
Mini Sandworm
Molten Elemental
Mountain Assassin
Mountain Dragon
Mountain Groll
Mountain Moonkin
Mountain Naga
Mountain Siren
Mountain Sphinx
Mountain Sphinx of Arms
Mountain Witch
Mr. Titanium
Mutated Grub
Naxxramas Acolyte
Naxxramas Cultist
Naxxramas Follower
Necro Knight
Pack Wolf
Pandarian Warlord
Patchwork Golem
Pathaleon the Calculator
Phase Warrior
Plague Beast
Plague Slime
Plagued Bat
Plagued Ghoul
Ragefire Serpent
Ragefire Shaman
Ragefire Trogg
Ras Frostwhisper
Religious Fanatic
Religious Leader
Risen Squire
Rogue Hunters
Sara the Wreckless
Scourge Leader
Searing Blade Warlock
Server Demon
Shade of Naxxramas
Skeletal Smith
Sludge Belcher
Sneed's Shredder
Soul Wraith
Spirit Wolf
Stitched Colossus
Stitched Giant
Stoneskin Gargoyle
Summit Warlock
Summit Worgen
Sunwell Hell Hound
Surgical Assistant
Taragaman the Hungerer
The Jailer
The Lady of Azeroth
The Lich King
The Majestic Maker
The Point Machine
The Reborn Magister
The Sha Mother
The Sha of Doubt
The Sha of Fear
The Sha of Pride
The Wagon Keeper
Troll Warlock
Undead M'uru
Undead Warrior
Vanessa VanCleef
Warrior Patrol
Water Elemental
Westfall Cave Guardian
Wild Serpant
Wilds Beast
Wilds Dragons
Wilds Fel Guardian
Wilds Flame Guardian
Wilds Ice Guardian
Wilds Lightning Guardian
Wilds Orge
Wilds Scourge Guardian
Wilds Serpent
Winter Witch
Worgen Warlock
Xork the Experiment

Tokens from Quests
The following quests will reward you with at least 1 Wrath Tokens :

60 Days In -
Get the Mark of Moragg from Moragg in Violet Hold prison

Ann'Qiraj Revisited -
Kill Lord Kri

Archeology -
Collect the Darkrune, Jade Amulet, Glowing Figurine & the Armor Relic

Arena Access -
Kill 15 Mini Brawlers and The Brawler

Cleaning the Crypts -
Kill the Crypt Spirit

Clear the Path -
Kill 5 Sphinx of Arms

Collections -
Collect 5 Poison Materials

Cougar Hunter -
Kill 10 Cougars

Daggerfall Fishing -
Catch 5 Rogue Bass in the waters of Daggerfall

Dark Disturbances -
Investigate reports of dark disturbances

Daycares Over -
Kill 10 Children

Deep in the Valley -
Kill 10 Elementals

Defeat the Akitah -
Locate and assassinate Cultist Akitah

Demon Removal -
Kill 10 Vampiric Fiends and 5 Empowered Vampiric Fiends

Double Vision -
Collect 12 Gooey Eyeballs from the Druid Cauldrons

Earthbound -
Kill 5 Earthbound Revenants

Edge of the Woods -
Escort Thundertusk to the edge of the Wrath Mountain woods.

Empty the Church -
Kill the Religious Leader

Equilibrium of the Valley -
Kill 10 Arcane Wizards

Final Request -
Kill Lady Vashj in Serpentshrine Cavern

Fucking Imps -
Kill 25 Dark Imps

Getting Stoned -
Complete the Halls of Stone dungeon

Glowing Mountain Prism -
Locate a Mountain Prism

Gortok Palehoof must DIE! -
Kill Gortok Palehoof in Utgarde Pinnacle

Growing Pains -
Defeat Gurol The Groll

Gundrak! -
Kill Moorabi in Gundrak

Hunting the Hunters -
Kill 5 Rogue Hunters

Hunting the Hunters -
Kill 10 Druid Rogues

Ice Ice Baby -
Kill 5 Ice Steppe Bulls in The Storm Peaks

In a Pinch -
Kill 25 Lake Pinchers

Living Dead -
Kill 8 Undead Warriors

Looming Presence -
Kill 15 Troll Warlocks

Losing Your Religion -
Kill 3 Religious Fanatics

Mage 101 -
Kill Professor Putricide in ICC

Mountain Coven -
Kill 10 Mountain Witches

Mountain Exorcism -
Kill 10 Demons

Mountain Fishing -
Fish up 10 Moonglow Cuttlefish

Mountain Mail -
Collect the Mysterious Envelope

Murder for Hire - Mission 1 -
Kill Lady Sarevess in Blackfathom Deeps.

Murder for Hire - Mission 10 -
Kill Nexus-Prince Shaffar in Mana-Tombs.

Murder for Hire - Mission 11 -
Kill Jedoga Shadowseeker in Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom.

Murder for Hire - Mission 12 -
Kill Novos the Summoner in Drak’Tharon Keep.

Murder for Hire - Mission 13 -
Kill Xevozz in The Violet Hold Prison.

Murder for Hire - Mission 14 -
Kill Moorabi in Gundrak.

Murder for Hire - Mission 15 -
Kill Volkhan in Halls of Lightning.

Murder for Hire - Mission 16 -
Kill Lord Kri in the Revisited Ahn'Qiraj.

Murder for Hire - Mission 17 -
Kill The Plague Captain in the Revisited Stratholme.

Murder for Hire - Mission 18 -
Kill Cyrus in the Revisited Stormwind.

Murder for Hire - Mission 19 -
Kill Traggaz in the Underground Arena.

Murder for Hire - Mission 2 -
Kill Pummeler 9-60 in Gnomeregan.

Murder for Hire - Mission 3 -
Kill Bazzalan in Ragefire Chasm.

Murder for Hire - Mission 4 -
Kill Scarlet Commander Mograine in Scarlet Monastery.

Murder for Hire - Mission 5 -
Kill Commander Springvale in Shadowfang Keep.

Murder for Hire - Mission 6 -
Kill Broggok in The Blood Furnace.

Murder for Hire - Mission 7 -
Kill Grand Warlock Nethekurse in The Shattered Halls.

Murder for Hire - Mission 8 -
Kill Rokmar the Crackler in The Slave Pens.

Murder for Hire - Mission 9 -
Kill Swamplord Musel'ek in The Underbog.

Neo Fights -
Kill 15 Neophytes

Off to the Marsh -
Go see Morthis Whisperwing

On Yor Mark, Get Set, Go! -
Loot the Mark of Yor from Mana Tombs

On Your Mark -
Collect 5 Hunters Marks

Pandarian Warlord -
Kill The Pandarian Warlord

Panther Removal -
Kill 10 Panthers

Patrolling The Prison -
Kill Dregdraxoth

Punch Drunk -
Destroy 5 Naga Distilling Machines

Quick Release -
Kill 3 Soul Wraiths

Ragefire Egg -
Gather a Ragefire Egg.

Raptor Hunting 101 -
Kill a Mountain Raptor

Rare Artifacts -
Gather rare reagents to create powerful Dark Arts artifacts

Return to the Prison -
Kill Cyanigosa in the Violet Hold Heroic

Search & Rescue -
Find the Mountain Explorer

Shadow Crystals -
Collect 10 Shadow Crystals

Shaman Lessons -
Defeat Loken

Shaman Lessons II -
Defeat Sjonnir

Shaman Lessons III -
Defeat Onyxia

Soulstone Test -
Test the Soulstone on a server demon

Spirit Tour -
Complete the Spirit Tour

Stormwind Revisited -
Kill Cyrus

Stranger Danger -
Escort the Hooded Traveller to the camp

Stratholme Revisited -
Kill the Plague Captain

Summit Curses -
Kill 10 Summit Warlocks

Summit Shadows -
Kill 15 Summit Worgens

Team Wolf -
Kill 15 Mountain Wolves

That's the Spirit -
Kill 5 Spirit Wolves

The Cleansing -
Kill 15 Villagers

The Corruption -
Summon and Defeat The Corrupter

The Documents -
Find the Documents in the Camping Supplies

The Guardian -
Use the Echo Stone to commune with the Abyssal Guardian

The Ice Totem -
Assassinate 5 Mountain Groll

The Missing Gear -
Recover the Gear of Time

The Notebook -
Collect the Notebook from Zul' Farrak

The Sha Mother -
Kill The Sha Mother

The Sha of Doubt -
Kill The Sha of Doubt

The Sha of Fear -
Kill The Sha of Fear

The Sha of Pride -
Kill The Sha of Pride

The Spirit Hunter -
Kill 10 Arcane Spirits

The Trial -
Kill the Black Knight (Heroic)

The Weeping Quarry -
Kill 12 Hungering Plaguehounds in the Weeping Quarry of Icecrown

The Wight Stuff -
Kill the 2 Decaying Wights near the fountain

There's No Place Like Gnome -
Loot the Executioners Axe from Gnomeregan

Unruly Portals -
Close 5 Portals

Wrath Reborn -
Find our custom island in Dalaran

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