Wrath Token Collection Guide

Table of Contents

Tokens from Drops

Al'ar Sunbeam
Big Red
Biggest Baddest Wolf
Bile Retcher
Bony Construct
Catienne the Mistress
Crazed Scourge
Crypt Spirit
Darkmaster Gandling
Death Knight
Death Knight Captain
Death Knight Cavalier
Deathcharger Steed
Devourer of Souls
Doctor Theolen Krastinov
Etherin Priest
Fathom-Lord Karathress
Forlorn Creeper
Forlorn Creeper
Freeze the Warlock
Frenzied Bat
Frost Initiate
Frozen Axe Guard
Frozen Berserker
Frozen Yeti
Glar the Quick
Harold Valiant
High King Maulgar
Hogger Sr.
Infectious Ghoul
Instructor Malicia
Jandice Barov
Janook the Creator
Keep Overseer
Keep Patroller
Kiggler the Crazed
King Gordok
Kuan Zar
Lady Vashj
Living Monstrosity
Long Fang
Lord Blackwood
Lord Inquisitor Opalezzix
Lord Kri
Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist
Majestic Cat
Majestic Hawk
Majestic Wilds Orge
Mallory Frost
Marauding Geist
Master Akil
Mr. Titanium
Mutated Grub
Naxxramas Acolyte
Naxxramas Cultist
Necro Knight
Pack Wolf
Pandarian Warlord
Patchwork Golem
Pathaleon the Calculator
Phase Warrior
Phase Warrior
Plague Beast
Plague Slime
Plagued Bat
Plagued Ghoul
Ras Frostwhisper
Risen Squire
Sara the Wreckless
Scourge Leader
Shade of Naxxramas
Skeletal Smith
Sludge Belcher
Sneed's Shredder
Stitched Colossus
Stitched Giant
Stoneskin Gargoyle
Sunwell Hell Hound
Surgical Assistant
The Jailer
The Lady of Azeroth
The Lich King
The Majestic Maker
The Point Machine
The Reborn Magister
The Sha Mother
The Sha of Doubt
The Sha of Fear
The Sha of Pride
The Wagon Keeper
Undead M'uru
Unholy Axe
Unholy Staff
Unholy Swords
Vanessa VanCleef
Westfall Cave Guardian
Wild Serpant
Wilds Beast
Wilds Dragons
Wilds Fel Guardian
Wilds Flame Guardian
Wilds Ice Guardian
Wilds Lightning Guardian
Wilds Orge
Wilds Scourge Guardian
Wilds Serpent
Winter Witch
Worgen Warlock
Xork the Experiment

Tokens from Quests

Ann'Qiraj Revisited
Cleaning the Crypts
Defend the Frozen Lake
Earth Shaker
Frostbound Patrol
Murder for Hire - Mission 1
Murder for Hire - Mission 10
Murder for Hire - Mission 11
Murder for Hire - Mission 12
Murder for Hire - Mission 13
Murder for Hire - Mission 14
Murder for Hire - Mission 15
Murder for Hire - Mission 16
Murder for Hire - Mission 17
Murder for Hire - Mission 18
Murder for Hire - Mission 19
Murder for Hire - Mission 2
Murder for Hire - Mission 3
Murder for Hire - Mission 4
Murder for Hire - Mission 5
Murder for Hire - Mission 6
Murder for Hire - Mission 7
Murder for Hire - Mission 8
Murder for Hire - Mission 9
Pandarian Warlord
Patrolling The Prison
Satan Loves His Little Children
Spark it Up!
Stormwind Revisited
Stratholme Revisited
Task For Spree
The Chilling Lords Challenge
The Sha Mother
The Sha of Doubt
The Sha of Fear
The Sha of Pride
The Trial
WANTED : Crypt Spirit
WANTED : Cyrus
WANTED : Dregdraxoth
WANTED : Eye of C'Thun
WANTED : Lord Kri
WANTED : Possessed Night Elf
WANTED : Sharks
WANTED : Stormwind Flame
WANTED : The Plague Captain
WANTED : Undead Miners
WANTED : Xartgh
Weekly Wilds Cleanup : Cats
Weekly Wilds Cleanup : Dragons
Weekly Wilds Cleanup : Ogres
Weekly Wilds Cleanup : Serpents
What is this Sh!t
Wrath Reborn

Tokens from Chests

Solid Chest
Alliance Strongbox
Tattered Chest
Alliance Strongbox
Tattered Chest
Solid Chest
Arena Treasure Chest
Fel Iron Chest
Mana Bomb Code Sheet 1
Mana Bomb Code Sheet 2
Mana Bomb Code Sheet 3
Mana Bomb Code Sheet 4
Weekly Masters Chest
Crypt Mine Car
Crypt Cache
Prison Trunk
Wilds Ogre Cache
Deadmines Cache
Clacky's Northern Cache
Shadowfang Cache

Other Sources
Redeem Codes found online

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Wrath Tokens
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