Hidden Locations

Elwynn Falls
This seems to be a closed area of Elwynn Forest, and may be used for general stuffs such as mobs and quests, as in, general leveling.

Graymane Area
This is the awesome area past the big annoying gate in Silverpine Forest. If you can find a neat way to get here, it would probably be good for some sort of city.

Arathi Highlands Farm
Not much to say. I'd probably use it for some sort of secret hideout, as it's a nice little isolated place.

Isolated Wetlands Town
This place is awesome! You can have your own little closed town here. Only thing is, you need to close that tunnel leading to nothing.

Above Undercity Glitch
You can get here by using a certain glitch in Ruins Of Lordaeron. Anyway, I doubt this is really useful, but yah, you could always try to make it become something.

Wetlands Help Mountain w/ camp
Not useful, really. Just kind of awesome. You'll see.

Newman's Landing
Also just some random place at some random water. You could always make a mall here.

Karazhan Smiley
A smiley with circle head, two eyes and mouth under karazhan is a joke made by a Blizzard's graphic designer.

Dun'Morogh's Troll cave
A cave with one troll riding a road nexto it with a wolf and another troll just camping near the cave. The place is seen by flying from Wetlands to Ironforge, so its mostly an eyecandy. Left to the cave theres a crashed gnome plane, what a surprise... It has even bones and equipment of its pilot down to it.

Silithus Farm
A small uninhabited tauren village at the very south coast west coast of kalimdor.

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Hidden Locations
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