Past Updates and Server Fixes


At Last an Update

  • Fixed New ICC 5 man Ledge Guardian boss fight. Which was improperly timed.
  • Fixed Karazhan chessboard room which had some improper level 80s in it.
  • Updated the weekly quest in the Dalaran Sewers.
  • Added 3 new ales that are available from the bartender in the VIP center as well as the Underground Arena Bartender. The VIP center has cheaper prices.
  • Added a new Mysterious Coin that can be found from defeating bosses in the Underground Arena.
  • Added a new Mystic Key that can be collected from the Weekly Dalaran Chest, in the Dalaran Sewers.
  • Added a new Mysterious Key that can be collected from bringing Eugene Wrath the new Mysterious Coin.
  • Added a Dancer Pole that will summon a naked dancing orc for 30 seconds along with some special music. You can buy this from Jeffrey Wrath in the VIP center.
  • Added AI support chatbot to our support page -
  • Added many new custom items to our item database.
  • Fixed the map Durotar which was mistakenly showing as Magisters Terrace.
  • Fixed some spelling errors in the Quizzer NPC.
  • Replaced the inventory for the VIP Item vendor.
  • Added a new VIP mini pet that can repair as well as buy/sell. She comes loaded with reagents in her vendor list.
  • Fixed some incorrect speech from Jax.
  • Added Dungeon Quest signs at the start of all dungeons that have quests inside them. Gather and turn in all your dungeon quests here at the start of each run.
  • Added additional features to the VIP pet.
  • Configured weekend bonus XP rates to be 4x fri-sun EST.
  • Fixed the Mailbox and Auction House features on VIP mini pet.
  • Added the Tabard Designer features on VIP mini pet.
  • Fixed The Lost MistWhisper Treasure quest making it completable.
  • Added Jax and Seraphina to the the starting area for Taurens.


Performance and Bug Fixes

  • Added the Horn of Wrath to Jeffrey Wrath's inventory list.
  • Added the option to teleport to your faction mall to Jacob the Assistant.
  • Fixed Jax which had an incorrect gossip text.
  • Added a VIP area for level 80 donators which can accessed from your faction mall or the custom isle next to Dalaran.
  • Added a new Gem Curator to the VIP area which uses AI to generate gems.
  • Added a new shield vendor the VIP area.
  • Added a beastmaster npc to VIP area to spawn pets for hunters.
  • Faction Mall Quiz has been updated with new questions.
  • Added an AI powered chatbot to our websites support page.
  • Added mailboxes to the VIP Center.
  • Added a Bar & Bartender to the VIP Center that sells special cocktails.
  • Fixed a Brawler Arena Quest with improper quest description and objectives.
  • Reduced the damage and armor of Lord Blackenwood, final boss of Heroic Scholomance.
  • Fixed a broken Proc Spell on the Sword of 1,000 Truths.
  • Adjusted all custom mounts to increase movement speed while mounted.
  • Fixed Random Dungeon Finder locations for Gnomeregan, Lower Blackrock Spire and others.


New Icecrown Citadel 5 man

  • Added 3 new classes of henchmen ; Dreadlords, Obsidian Destroyers and Archmages.
  • Fixed loot at the Underground Arena, making sure that master tokens drop from every boss.
  • Fixed the bot vendor to only offer bots that match your faction.
  • Completed development of ICC 5 man.
  • Fixed an issue with Corrupter Nor'Kil sending the wrong achievement loot.
  • Fixed several one-handed swords that were not able to be socketed.
  • Fixed a broken portal from the secret arena back to the underground arena.
  • Reduced the HP and Armor of the Pandarian Warlord in the secret arena.
  • Added several new custom item from the game Guild Wars.
  • Added a new launcher which downloads an additional file and places it in the appropriate location. (/data/enUS/)
  • Fixed an issue with the Wrath Mountain escort quest rewarding the incorrect achievement.
  • Fixed an issue with custom quests forcing a pvp flag.
  • Fixed an issue with Ahune in Frozen Wastelands not giving the achievement on death.
  • Started final testing and balancing of ICC 5 man.
  • Added a free 16 slot bag reward at level 10.
  • Fixed custom encounters so that bots can be targeted by bosses.
  • Fixed Globs of Ectoplasm and Frost Crystals to allow carrying stacks of 250 instead of 25 each.
  • Changed Tower Slime's spell to do 5k damage instead of 150.
  • Fixed an issue with lvl 80 foes spawning in Bloodmyst Isle, a starting zone.


Wrath Mountains Update 1

  • The following foes in the Frozen Watelands have been rebalanced : (Sylthara, Ice Wolves, Frozen Geomancers, The Wagon Keeper, Frozen Houndmaster, Icepaw Bears, Kuan Zar)
  • We no longer support patch-5.mpq and the custom breaking news updates.
  • Added new gambling NPCs to the faction malls. Step right up and win an enchant!
  • Added all new and custom items/weapons to the gambler.
  • Fixed an error with the Azeroth Fishing Guide, which knows works as intended.
  • Added a new spell called Time Step which will cast Time Step Aura on you. Once cast your location will be saved, in 10 seconds you will re-appear at your saved location when the aura expires.
  • Added a new item called Time Step Gem which when used will cast Time Step on you! This is a single use item. This item can be earned from the Weekly Dalaran Chest, Clacky's Northern Chest, The Brawler Arena or purchased from Jeffrey Wrath for 500 Wrath Tokens.
  • Players who visit the faction mall will now be greeted by Harlan Hearthgrove who will apply a special 1 hour buff to all your stats.
  • Added a new platform jumping game that will be held in the Gurubashi Arena. The server will notify all players when it has begun and it lasts for 30 mins.
  • Adjusted the proc spell on the Shirt of Wrath.
  • Adjusted the archeology tool to remove its 30 sec cooldown when equipped.
  • Added a new Undercity invasion.
  • Your Underground Arena wins will now be tracked and recorded. Speak to RumbleMaster Zul in the Underground Arena to hear your current stats.
  • Adjusted the HP and armor of the Arcance Wizards found in the Wrath Mountains.
  • Added new items to the gametime point store in game.
  • Fixed a looting bug that prevented Demonic Ashes and Crystalline Shards from dropping in the appropriate locations.
  • Added a new npc that hosts a quiz, if you complete it, you gain tokens if you lose, you die. He is located next to Jeffrey Wrath.
  • Demonic Hood has been fixed with a new proc.


Wrath Mountains are LIVE

  • Fixed a bug with the quest 'Pawn on the Eternal Board'
  • Reduced the amount of gold you can buy with wrath tokens in Newport.
  • Fixed some NPCs in Dragonblight making the quest "Chasing Icestorm: the 7th Legion Front" completable.
  • Added a new Brawlers Arena accessible from the custom isle in Dalaran.
  • Added 9 new custom bosses into the new Brawlers Arena including a Vulpera Champion from Shadowlands.
  • Added several new custom rings you can earn in the new Brawlers Arena.
  • Fixed an error with the Ahune battle in the Frozen Wastelands.
  • Fixed an error with the Booty Bay reputations and factions.
  • Fixed an error with the respawn timers of the foes inside the Return to the Cathedral instance.
  • Fixed an error with the Icepaw Bears in the Frozen Wasteland casting the wrong spell.
  • Fixed an error with the proc spell on the Frozen Alien trinket.
  • Re-Added the rewards for the Glory of the Raider 10/25 man achievements.
  • Completed the development and testing of Wrath Mountains. Ready for release.
  • Released the new area - Wrath Mountains.


Christmas Updates

  • Added several new paladin henchmen.
  • Added a new rare boss called, Runekeeper the Henchmen Killer. He can be spawned using an Underground Arena Ticket, found in vanilla heroics.
  • Fixed a bug in Trial of the Crusader making the encounter able to be completed now.
  • Sea-Turtle mount can now be fished up from the waters around The Loch and also around Fenris Isle.
  • Added Khadgar to Dalaran with a special offer for those who have all 4 heroics completed.
  • Added the massive Brontosaurus mount found in patch This mounts location is unknown as of now.
  • Fixed issues with some weapons from the Majestic Wilds not displaying properly.
  • Added a new special flying rainbow cloud mount. This mount can be purchased from Jeffrey Wrath for 500 Wrath Tokens.
  • Fixed an issue with the quest 'I've Got a Flying Machine!' making it completable now.
  • Added Loremaster Fu in Dalaran which will start a massive questline with grand rewards.
  • Added the Sword of 1000 Truths from the South Park "Make love not Warcraft" episode. The sword can be purchased from Jeffrey Wrath for 500 Wrath Tokens.
  • Fixed the Mimiron battle in Ulduar making it completable now.
  • Added a new elite boss that will be joining us this Decemeber. Satan Clawz. But where?
  • Added a new fish you can catch in Stanglethorn Vale waters, the Reborn Ghostfish, which can be opened up and searched for goodies.
  • Added a new NPC to the faction mall, Sabrina Bars the Smelter, can smelt the ore you or your henchmen have collected.
  • Added several new amazing custom weapons to the Black Market vendor in the Dalaran Sewers.
  • Added Titanium and Khorium bars to the bar smelting npc in the faction mall.
  • Removed unwanted and broken items from the Auction House and prevented the bot from further selling them.
  • Fixed a bug with the Adventure Token Quest Line, on quest #5. This quest is now completable on normal mode.
  • Starting development on the Wrath Mountains.


Thanksgiving Part 2!

  • Fixed a bug with the Invasion Achievements.
  • Added a new invasion to Ironforge.
  • Fixed a bug with bartender at the Underground Arena.
  • Fixed a bug with Dragonblight.
  • Added extra classes of henchmen ; SEA WITCHES & SPELLBREAKER.
  • Changed the minimum level for the 1v1 arena to 19.
  • Added Cedric the Battlemaster, our 1v1 arena NPC to Stormwind, Ironforge, Silvermoon, Underground Arena, Undercity & Orgrimmar.
  • Added a new PVP currency, Combat Token, which can be earned from killing the opposing faction. This token can be spent on exclusive PVP gear at the new vendors located at the entrance to the Underground Arena.
  • Fixed an issue with the Thorium encounter in Ulduar. A new NPC has been added upstairs near the boss. This NPC will autokill the bugged boss if needed.
  • Fixed an issue with Eversong Rangers not being attackable.
  • Added several new rings for each level available from Ricky Rings in your faction mall.
  • Added Donald Trump to Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
  • Changed the Weekly Chest Quest and the Weekly Chest Loot.
  • Added a new vendor, Pinbar to the wilds selling rare engineering items that can be used by anyone, even non engineers.
  • Added a new reputation called Wrath Reborn which can be earned from completing custom quests.
  • Added a new npc to make use of your new Wrath Reborn reputation by selling unique and amazing custom items and mounts.
  • Added a new heroic vanilla dungeon - Ragefire Chasm. Complete with dungeon quests and new items.
  • Proceeds from our donation shop now go to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies. Which in turn removes dangerous Co2 from our atmosphere.



  • Added a new bartender to the Underground Arena serving up several new custom drinks.
  • Added a new item worth 75,000 honor points when used. This item is available from the gametime point vendor, Katie.
  • Added the Murloc Costume to the Arena Vendor in exchange for an Arena Master Token.
  • Added our selection of custom lvl 80 gems to the Arena Vendor Orgrun in exchange for an Arena Master Token.
  • Added a new custom dungeon : Scholomance Heroic. This is a 5man heroic dungeon.
  • Added over 20 new custom items that can be farmed in the new Scholomance Heroic dungeon.
  • Added a new currency, Scholomance Token. This can be earned and turned in, in the new custom dungeon : Scholomance Heroic.
  • Added many new pieces of custom legendary gear that can be purchased in the new Scholomance Heroic dungeon using the new Scholomance Token.
  • Added a new Blackjack Dealer that will gamble for 500g and play a game of Blackjack. If you win you get 2.5kg. This dealer can be found in Newport.
  • Restored all henchmen anfter a crash. All henchmen and gear have been lost. GMs are working to give gear and gold back to players affected by this error.
  • Updated the Black Market in Dalaran with new custom gear.
  • [**Golden Draenite**] has been added to Master Ore Vendor in Faction Mall.
  • Rebalanced the Eye of the Frozen Alien, all tiers.
  • Rebalanced the new Reborn Dagger of Scholomance.
  • Added a new item that invites you to our secret arena.
  • Added several new bosses from Mists of Pandaria in our new arena.
  • Added several new custom mounts that are available from our new arena.
  • Added a cloth item set that you can purchase from the new arena.
  • Added several new unavailable gear sets you can purchase from the new arena.
  • Fixed a bug with Experience Gemstones.
  • Added 9 new custom items that boost your skills. These items are only available from donating.
  • Added 2 new tokens that you can only aquire from donating.
  • Added a new NPC to exchange the new VIP Item tokens and VIP Mount tokens.


Frozen Wastelands Release

  • Added Arena Master Token to the Point Vendor.
  • Releasing The Frozen Wastelands : Free Expansion
  • Created a custom Mythic Dungeon - Return to the Cathedral.
  • Added several new titles that can be completed in the new Frozen Wastelands.
  • Added several new achievements that can be completed in the new Frozen Wastelands.
  • Added dozens of new items, armors and weapons available only in the new Frozen Wastelands.
  • Crystallized Air added to the crystal vendor.
  • For complete details please see our new guide : Guide to the Wastelands


End of Summer Updates.

  • Added an item worth 250 gametime points when redeemed. You can purchase this item from the Underground Arena Vendor, Orgren.
  • Added the Underground Arena Ticket as a prize available from Orgren the Underground Arena Vendor.
  • Added a Reforger in each faction mall. Reforging allows you to exchange 40% of an item’s stat value to some other stat. You can use any item in your bags as source of display, as long as it fits the requirements.
  • Added new item - Teleportation Crystal - Underground Arena. This item is available from the Underground Arena Vendors and the Point Vendor, Katie.
  • Added new items to the Underground Arena vendors.
  • Wrath Token removed from arena vendors to keep the token price balanced.
  • Fixed a bug with the Experience Gemstones.
  • Added a new class of henchmen; Necromancers. Only a limited supply available.
  • Added a banker and mailboxes to the Underground Arena.
  • Added a new combatant to the Underground Arena - The Lich King.
  • Added several new cloth dresses that boost your looks as well as your stats. These are available in The Frozen Wastelands (coming soon).
  • Added Melissa The Digger, rare ore vendor in Dalaran near the Blacksmith Trainer.
  • Crystallized Air added to the crystal vendor.


Upgrades and fixes update.

  • Added 2 exclusive pets, the silver and the gold pig. You can find these pets for sale from Marna in Newport.
  • Added a new encounter in the Underground Arena, battle the battlemaster himself, Traggaz for tokens, goodies and brand new gear!
  • Added a new NPC, Orgrun, that can be found at the Underground Arena selling new custom wares in exchange for a new rare Arena Token.
  • Added a new rare token that you can earn in the Underground Arena which can be turned in to Orgrun at the Arena for new custom gear.
  • Added Fabled Weapons back with a new vendor location. Check out these amazing Fabled items on our website. Speak to the new Assassination NPC in Dalaran to get started.
  • You can now gain honor from defeating The Jailer, Beth'Tilac, Acidmaw, Blizzard, Al'ar Sunbeam, King Gordok, The Headless Horseman, Mimiron, Devourer of Souls, Xork the Experiment and Pathaleon the Calculator in the Underground Arena.
  • Added 2 new vendors to the Underground Arena that will be selling fun & exotic foods and drinks.


Large content and fixes update.

  • Added new secret pet vendor to Booty Bay!
  • Added some sticky marijuana plants on the custom island. Feel free to pick some buds.
  • Added a new potion vendor to the Dalaran Alchemy building. He offers up several new custom potions.
  • Added Free Gametime Points to the Dalaran Weekly Chest and the Underground Arena prizelist.
  • Added Darkmaster Gandling as a new boss in the Underground Arena. He comes with very special loot.
  • Added a new special Rare Mount Vendor who sells unavailable mounts for Wrath Tokens. He can be found in Shattrath by the flight master.
  • Free Gametime Points item has been reduced from 100 points to 25 points.
  • Added a new boss to the Underground Arena, The Point Machine. You have a chance of getting free gametime points among other rewards.
  • Added a new feature : The Reborn Card Game. Please see our blog for details on the new collectors game.
  • Added a new NPC to Newport who can change your display model into various creatures and beasts.
  • Added several new VIP commands to our donation shop.


Bug Fixes, New Heroic Dungeon and Many new items.

  • Teleportation Crystals no longer require runes.
  • XP Agent removed.
  • Added extra tasks to Jacob the Personal Assistant. Show Auction House & Teleport to Dalaran (level 80 only).
  • Added several lower level tiers to the Underground Arena. Speak to Kerrik Firebeard at the arena to get started.
  • Fixed many minor user submitted bugs and glitches.
  • Various Stones added to the faction Ore Vendor.
  • Enchanting Rods are now for sale at the dust trader in your faction mall.
  • Added new Heroic 5man version of Shadowfang Keep dungeon.


Bug Fixes, New Content and Content Adjustments

  • Added Book of Glyph Mastery to Mrs. Celeste's inventory in the faction mall.
  • Added 5 new custom cloaks.
  • Updated Jeremiah the Cunnings inventory at the Underground Arena.
  • Added a new travelling shop in Newport that sells rare, exotic and unique items. This shop only shows up once every 2 hours.
  • Reconfigured Battlegrounds to allow for 1v1 battles. Press 'H' to bring up the PvP queue.
  • Added a new premium custom vendor to the entrance of ICC which sells Marks of Sanctification.
  • Added a new NPC in Newport to help players purchase gold and weapon skills.
  • Added a new lvl 80 Heroic version of Deadmines.
  • Fixed the Solakar Flamewreath encounter in Upper Blackrock Spire.
  • Added new Underground Arena Tickets, good for 1 special boss summon at the Underground Arena.
  • Added new secret bosses to the Underground Arena. Happy Hunting!
  • Added new Heroic 5man version of Deadmines dungeon.
  • Added new enemies, bosses, loot & items to the new Heroic Deadmines. Check our item database for more info.
  • Added 5 new custom melee one-handed weapons for shamans and hunters only.
  • Added new chest to northrend called 'Clacky's Northern Cache' which require a special 'Clacky's Northern Key' which can be bought from the Faction Locksmith, the Underground Arena vendor, the Point vendor or Jeffrey Wrath. The key can also be found in the Weekly Chest in Dalaran.


Bug Fixes and Content Adjustments

  • Added new Sack of Emblems and Large Sack of Emblems. These items can be purchased from Jeffrey Wrath in exchange for 1 or 10 Tokens.
  • Testing the Majestic Wilds before release.
  • Drastically re-balanced our custom shields.
  • Balanced our Demonic Headwear better. Slight armor/stat changes, nothing major.
  • Removed class restrictions on the Demonic Headwear.
  • Added new Special Henchmen located outside of ICC.
  • Added new wilderness guide book that can be read to increase your fishing skill by +50.
  • Changed Profession gains to 3x.
  • Changed Reputation gains to 3x.
  • Changed Quest XP reward to 2x.
  • Changed Exploration XP reward to 5x.
  • Fixed the entrance to Zul'Aman making it possible to enter with only 1 player.
  • Rebalanced the Warglaives of Wrath.
  • Rebalanced the Elusive Crypt Lantern.


First Official Content Update

  • Added many new daily and weekly quests to the custom zones. You can find these quests by reading the job boards on custom island and also some quests have been added to the job boards in your faction mall.
  • We have added a new NPC to your faction mall that lets you choose your XP rate from 1x to 8x.
  • Added Demonic Ashes and Crystalline Shards to the Gametime Point Store in the faction Malls.
  • Added a new Glyph Vendor to the Faction Malls.
  • We are doubling the bot employment time so your bots stay by your side longer.
  • We are creating new bots for the server.
  • Fabled Crytalline Amulets have been rebalanced.
  • The Back Knight Sword and Heroic has been rebalanced.
  • Demonic Headwear for Druids have been changed.
  • Construction has begun on The Majestic Wilds. This zone from our previous server will be crafted will all new and unique content including new weapons and bosses.



  • After several months of recoding we have decided to finally re-launch with a shiny new name and a lightning fast server!
  • All dungeons, raids, pvp and custom content should be functioning 100%
  • As the server progresses we will list our fixes and updates here.