Alliance Prison Guide

The Alliance Prison

Please excuse me, champion. Our reports indicate that our Demon Prisoners have broken free from containment and are rampaging throughout the Prison under Stormwind City. We have sent some Guards to investigate, but have yet to see any return. Please, venture forth into the prison beneath the City of Stormwind and exterminate the demon filth! Tread carefully hero, only a fool would underestimate these demons.

The actual location of the Alliance Prison is unknown to most. All that most of us know is that the prison is somewhere in the winding tunnels beneath the City of Stormwind. There is no access granted to ANYONE in the city however there must be a way to get inside.
Getting There
To get inside of the prison you are going to need to travel all the way to Dalaran to speak with Captain Fairmount. The captain will greet you with a plea for assitance. Should you accept his his offer he will cast a teleport spell on you that will bring you inside the prison entrance.
Getting Out
Should you want to leave the prison you will find a portal to return to Dalaran up the stairs at the entrance of the Prison.
The following foes can be found inside the prison :

Enemy Name Level Type Lootable
Demon 80 Normal Yes
Prison Guard 80 Normal Yes
Possessed Night Elf 80-81 Normal Yes
Demon Leader 81 Normal Yes
Xartgh 82 Elite Yes

These are the following bosses you will encounter in The Alliance Prison :

Tirgros the Riot Leader

Tirgros is a demon boss you will encounter towards the end of your explorations in the prison.

HP : 970,000
MANA : 1,832,000
  • Wrath Tokens
  • Frost Emblems
  • Demonic Ashes
  • Various Epic gear

Dregdraxoth the Demon Lord

Dregdraxoth is the final boss of the prison invasion. He is found in the back of the prison guarding a stash of gold and a trunk of loot.

HP : 1,227,000
MANA : 1,865,000
  • Demonic Ashes
  • Banana Charm
  • Wrath Token
  • Emblem of Heroism
  • Emblem of Valor
  • Emblem of Triumph
  • Emblem of Frost
  • Emblem of Conquest
  • Design: Titanium Impact Band
  • Reins of the Plagued Proto-Drake
  • Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake
  • Dragon Hide Bag
  • Formula: Enchant Bracer - Major Stamina
  • Jillian's Tonic of Stoneblood
  • Pattern: Belt of Dragons
  • Pattern: Sash of Ancient Power
  • Book of Glyph Mastery
  • Recipe: Flask of the North
  • Core Hound Pup
  • Celestial Dragon
  • Portable Hole
  • Plans: Shatter Rounds
  • Dragon Bulwark
  • Sunwell Shield of Dusk
  • Wrath Classic Swag

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Alliance Prison Guide
Author : Likwid
Source : wrath-reborn

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