About My Journal

About the Journal

Welcome to the Wrath-Reborn Journal, an immersive and indispensable feature for Warcraft enthusiasts on our server! Nestled in the heart of the magical city of Dalaran, this journal serves as your comprehensive guide to navigating the plethora of custom content available on the Wrath-Reborn server.

Step-by-step, it leads you through the intricacies of the unique challenges and adventures that await, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. What sets this journal apart are the extraordinary rewards awaiting those who successfully complete its tasks – top-tier and legendary treasures that will elevate your Warcraft experience to unparalleled heights. Embark on a journey of discovery, conquer challenges, and claim your place among the legends of the Wrath-Reborn realm.

The Tasks
Quest Name Objective Reward
The Junior Arena Defeat Panzor the Invincible Gold, Wrath Tokens
Underground Arena Defeat Fluffy Gold, Arena Token
The Secret Arena Kill The Sha of Pride Gold, Master Arena Token
The Brawler Arena Defeat the Blood Paladin Gold, Brawler Tokens
The Frozen Wastelands Defeat Kuan Zar Gold, Frozen Flakes
The Majestic Wilds Defeat Master Akil Gold, Majestic Dust
The Wrath Mountains Complete the escort quest. Gold, Mountain Hide or Orchids
The Alliance Prison Defeat Dregdraxoth Gold, Demonic Ash
The Hidden Crypts Defeat the Crypt Spirit Gold, Elusive Crypt Lantern
Stratholme Revisited Defeat The Plague Captain Gold, Bronze Drake
Stormwind Revisited Defeat Cyrus Gold, SW/ORG Commendation
Ahn'Qiraj Revisited Defeat the Eye of C'Thun Gold, Scarab Lord Title
The Trials of Wrath Defeat Colosus in Heroic Mode Gold, Choice of rare gear
The Quiz Complete the quiz 1,000 Gold
Weekly Chest Open the weekly chest Gold, Weekly Chest Keys
Newport Speak to Marley Smith Gold, Fireworks
Heroic Deadmines Defeat Cookie Gold, Large Sack of Emblems
Heroic Shadowfang Keep Defeat the Biggest Baddest Wolf Gold, Spirit Wolf
Heroic Scholomance Defeat Lord Blackwood Gold, Summon Painlasher
Reborn Card Game Locate the card of lightning and reflection Final Reward from below

The Rewards

Once the Journal is completed you will be able to choose one of the following :

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About My Journal
Author : Likwid
Source : Wrath-Reborn

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