Official Henchmen Guide

This comprehensive guide will help you hire, setup, maintain and use your henchmen on wrath-reborn. Aside from this guide we also offer this video which explain most of what is in this guide.

Video from our old server

Icon Control
Where to hire henchmen
Getting Around
Using Equipment
Using Roles
Using Formations
Using Abilities
Using Talents
Raid Groups
Extra Commands
Henchmen Expiration
Extra Classes
- Placing a star icon on a creature (not in your group) will cause your henchmen marked as healers to keep that target healed and buffed.
- Placing a square icon on an enemy creature will cause any henchmen marked as tank to focus on that target only, until it is dead.
- Placing a skull icon on an enemy creature will cause any henchmen marked as dps to focus on that target only, until it is dead.

Henchmen are hired by finding them wandering out in the wilderness or by speaking to Tiernny the Hechmen Master. Tiernny can be found in

  • Falconwing Square near the entrance to Silvermoon City
  • The entrance to Ice Crown Citadel
  • The center of Dalaran
  • The Underground Arena underneath Ironforge
  • The center of Orgrimmar by the Inn
  • Inside the Secret Expedition Area
  • The Trade District of Stormwind by the Inn

Whether grouped or not your henchmen will follow you around, keeping you buffed if they can, healing you when needed if it is a healer-type henchmen, attacking things alongside you and even ressurecting you if you die as long as they can ressurect. Henchmen are designed to keep up to your run pace and will mount up on their own version of your mount when you do. In the event that they cannot keep up, due to you moving too fast or them being stuck in combat, your Henchmen will eventually teleport to your location even if you go into another map.

NOTE: Henchmen cannot teleport to you when you are in a dungeon if they are not part of your group.

For the most part, go somewhere and they will follow. Simple as that. In those cases where following might not be safe or you want to proceed safely you can target them and emote:

  • /stand to make your Henchmen stay put
  • /wave to make your Henchmen follow you again

Henchmen spawn with some basic equipment and clothes. Some Henchmen however start with some rather powerful weapons but they are only visual and provide no benefits, no damage, no stats, nothing, they are purely visual. In fact, in most cases these weapons are partial to class appearance and will always be visible. Henchmen give you the ability to customize their individual gear pieces to make them more effective in combat. Note that visual changes to Henchmen's equipment are not instant. To make changes to their gear, you need to right-click that Henchmen and choose Manage equipment from their chat window.

As you can see, you can gear up pretty much every slot on your Henchmen.

Show me your inventory will make the Henchmen whisper you a list of everything they currently have including an item icon (helps to understand which slot the item is equipped into).

Auto-equip will list out all the items you have in your bags that the Henchmen can use. Clicking on one of those items will automatically give it to the Henchmen and equip it into the appropriate slot.

Gear Slots will show you what they have equipped (if any), an option to use their old equipment (if any to start with) OR an unequip option (if you gave them some gear), a listing of any item in your bags that the Henchmen can use in that slot. Selecting any of your bag items will automatically send that item to the Henchmen and have them equip it. The option to use old equipment or unequip gear will have the Henchmen return the gear you gave them back to your bags. They will then return to the default gear/state for that slot.

Unequip all will have them do just that... dump all gear you have given them back into your bags. If you don't have enough space in your bags the excess items will be mailed to you.

NOTE : When firing an Henchmen, any gear you have given your Henchmen will automatically be returned to you.
Henchmen Role management allows you to adjust how they operate overall. The available options are dependent upon the class of the Henchmen you are controlling. To adjust the Henchmen's roles, you need to right-click that Henchmen and choose Manage roles from their chat window. Clicking on the respective Role will toggle it on/off, changing the icon

"Tanking" role means that Henchmen will try to produce as much threat as possible, use taunt-like abilities to reaggro targets attacking friends and use defensive cooldowns more liberally. This does NOT include attacking anything. "Tanking" bots with no "Off-Tanking" enabled are considered Main Tanks and will always stay on targets pointed by Tank Target Icon.

"Off-Tanking" is an addition to "Tanking" role and makes tanking Henchmen prioritize targets pointed by DPS Target Icon.

"DPS" role allows Henchmen to actually deal damage. If this role is disabled Henchmen will not use damaging abilities, not even auto-attack

"Heal" is what your healers need to have enabled. If this role is disabled Henchmen will not even try to heal anything, not even themselves. No, not even in a face of certain death.

"Ranged" role affects Henchmen positioning and the distance they will keep from their attack target. Ranged DPS non-tanking bots will always attack target pointed by DPS Target Icon

Example: Warrior having Tanking + DPS + Ranged role enabled will constantly try to taunt the target and run away, only attacking if target catches up.

It's recommended to only enable 1 or 2 specific roles for that class to minimize them switching tactics around alot. The only exception is Priest which can handle DPS, Heal and Ranged roles just fine (they will preserve some mana for healing and resort to wand).

Gathering roles allows Henchmen to collect different ores, herbs, leather and other trade goods. It does NOT allow to track those goods so good luck with that. It also does NOT allow bots to craft anything. Henchmen have their skill assigned according to their level so level 1 Henchmen for example will not be able to mine Mithril.

Looting roles allows Henchmen to automatically and quickly collect items from nearby lootable creatures for you and other players in your group. Make sure to chose loot method, quality threshold in your group and looting setting for your looter bot.
Some times you just want your Henchmen close or as far away as possible. The formation option allows you to adjust your Henchmen's distance from you. Select Manage formation from their chat window to adjust the formation. You will see :

Follow distance (current: XX)
Attack distance
Attack angle (Ranged DPS Only)

Selecting Follow distance will open up a popup window that you can enter in an amount. This amount can be anywhere from 0 to 100. Setting any higher than 100 will default to 100 and any lower than 0 to 0. Setting the distance to 0 will result in the Henchmen PASSIVELY following you rather closely and not engaging mobs unless you attack.

Selecting Attack distance will allow you to set ranged attack distance. You will see :

Short range attacks
Long range attacks
Exact (0-50)

Short range are attacks that are the shortest distance of all ranged attacks for Henchmen's class. For example for paladins it is 10 yards (Judgement range) and for Mages it is 20 yards (Fire Blast range)

Long range attacks are the opposit of short range ones. For most classes this range is about 30-35 yards. This mode is useful when attacking something very dangerous to stand close to. Selecting Exact will open up a popup window that you can enter in an amount. This amount can be anywhere from 0 to 50. Same rules as for follow distance.

Attack angle allows you to set ranged bots positioning mode. You will see:

Avoid frontal AOE

If you tell your Henchmen to avoid frontal AOE they will try to position themselves in the way that they won't get hit, behing their target and to the either side, but only if you do the same or are already in melee range of the target.
Henchmen use most of real class spells. Some spells/abilities such as buffs, heals, remove curse/poison, etc. are available through an Henchmen's Abilities menu. Level restrictions apply to Henchmen too, for example Warlock will not be able to use Fear until level 8.

Selecting Manage abilities from the chat window will give you a listing of spells/abilities that they can cast on you or for you. The "Update" option will refresh the spell listing as some spell may be cooled at the moment

If spell is not listed this doesn't mean Henchmen does not have the spell, probably you just cannot use it manually.

Henchmen abilities check algorithm includes finding missing buffs, friends to heal, restocking on consumables (like healthstones), class enchants (Rogue, Shaman), utilities (like using Sprint if falling far behind), spells for party and self, self-heals, finding crowd control targets and finally, attack abilities.

Using Manage allowed abilities submenu you can make Henchmen not use some of their spells. Disabled spells list is saved in DB for later use.
Henchmen don't use normal talent pick choice system. Instead, the main talent tree is used (according to a spec) while also picking vital talents from other two trees up to tier 3 (available to players of the same spec).

Select Manage talents from the chat window to choose a spec. Henchmen will activate it and continue to progress with chosen spec as you level up. This action has no cooldown.
Although Henchmen will follow their owner around grouped or ungrouped and will usually buff people outside their groups, creating group will make Henchmen properly utilize buffs reserved for group members only. Grouping is also required to properly utilize the DungeonFinder (as you cannot summon Henchmen in or into instances that are ungrouped).
Unfortunately standard UI and most of unit frames addons can only show player raid members. To see your Henchmen in a raid group you can use one of these:
nUI 5.06.30
OrlanHeal 1.1
Depending on Henchmen's class, there may be extra options found in the chat window for that Henchmen. For example, Rogue Henchmen will present the options:
Help me pick a lock
I need you to refresh poisons
Choose poison (Main Hand)
Choose poison (Offhand)

Lockpicks allow you to open locked chests in the world and locked items in your inventory. The skill level (XX) is based on Henchmen's level. Poisons can be chosen for the expected encounters. You'll have to tell your Henchmen to refresh the poisons when you are done. Shaman Henchmen have similar menu for their weapon enchants.

Mage Henchmen will give you:
I need food
I need drink
I need a refreshment table

These options will summon a stack of food or drink for you. If your level is high enough, the mage Henchmen can summon a refreshment table.

Warlock Henchmen will present the options:
I need your healthstone
I need a soulwell

First option will make that Warlock give you their healthstone. If your level is high enough, the warlock Henchmen can summon a soulwell. Level restrictions are applied here, too.

Hunter and Warlock Henchmen (once they reach level 10) also have pet submenu:
Choose pet type

You are still aware of level restrictions, right? Because they don't quite apply to Hunter. He can summon any pet type, yet exotic pets are only unlocked at 80.

Lastly, all Henchmen will have the following extra options:
You are dismissed

You are dismissed will remove the Henchmen from your control. They will become pissed off, throw all their gear at you and return back to their spawn location.


Your henchmen will stay at your side until you dismiss them or until you are logged off for more than 48 hours. If your henchmen retire while you are offline they will mail back any gear you have given them and make themselves available for other players to hire.


Spell Breaker

  • Rank: Rare
  • Level Bonus: +1
  • Minimum player level: 20
  • Equipment affects visual: no
Class specifics :
  • All spell damage taken reduced by 75%
  • Armor penalty: -30%
  • Strength x5
  • Block chance +90%
  • Spellpower bonus: 200% stength
  • Equippable weapon: axes, maces, swords, fist weapons, daggers
  • Equippable armor: mail/plate
Abilities :
Steal Magic :
Steals benefical spell from an enemy and transfers it to a nearby ally, or removes a negative spell from an ally and transfers it to a nearby enemy, affects magic and curse effects. Transferred effect duration is limited to a maximum of 5 minutes and minimum of 5 seconds.

Feedback (passive) :
Melee attacks burn target's mana dealing arcane damage. Amount burned is equal to melee damage dealt increased by spell power. If target is drained, Spell Breaker's melee attacks will do triple damage with increased critical strike chance. If target does't have mana then instead of draining Spellbreaker's damage restores his own mana equal to 25% of damage dealt.

Additional info :
Spell Breaker is mostly pure support class incapable of dealing any serious damage, but may also make quick work of some hapless caster, burning all his mana in seconds.


  • Rank: Elite
  • Level Bonus: +2
  • Minimum player level: 20
  • Equipment affects visual: no
Class specifics :
  • Spell damage taken reduced by 20%
  • No melee attack
  • Spellpower bonus: 100% intellect
  • Equippable weapon: staves
  • Equippable armor: cloth (no shield)
Abilities :
Raise Dead :
Raises 2 Skeletons from a corpse (maximum 6 Skeletons, 65 seconds duration, only works on humanoids, beasts and dragonkin).

Unholy Frenzy :
Increases target's melee attack speed by 75%, but constantly drains health and may kill the target. Lasts 45 seconds. Cannot be cancelled. Unlocked at level 30.

Corpse Explosion :
Causes a corpse to explode, dealing damage equal to 35% to 75% of dead unit's maximum health (depends on Necromancer's level) to all surrounding enemies. This damage generates no threat. Unlocked at level 40.

Cripple :
Reduces target's movement speed, melee attack speed and total strength by 50% for 60 seconds. Unlocked at level 50.

Taunt (Skeleton) :
Taunts an enemy within melee range to attack Skeleton instead of Necromancer for 5 seconds. One-time use.

Improved Blocking (Skeleton) :
Increases chance to block an attack by 60-100% (depends on caster's level) for 6 seconds. One-time use.

Additional info :
Necromancer has some Diablo II spirit to it. Curses may come in the future. Necromancer is mainly a support class, he doesn't have any damaging abilities besides CE, but Skeletons combined with Unholy Frenzy can help quite a lot.

Naga Sea Witch

  • Rank: Rare Elite
  • Level Bonus: +3
  • Minimum player level: 1
  • Equipment affects visual: no
Class specifics :
  • Spell damage taken reduced by 30%
  • Agility x2
  • Parry bonus +25%
  • Spellpower bonus: 200% intellect
  • Equippable weapon: daggers, bows
  • Equippable armor: cloth (no shield)
Abilities :
Forked Lightning :
Calls forth a cone of lightning to damage enemies. Hits from 2 to all targets (depending on Sea Witch's level), stunning them for 2 seconds. This damage generates no threat.

Frost Arrows :
Imbues arrow with spellfrost for extra damage, slowing target's movement, attack and casting speed by 30% to 70% (depending on Sea Witch's level).

Mana Shield :
Creates a shield that absorbs 100% incoming (non-mitigated) damage by using Sea Witch's mana. Absorbs from 1 damage pet 10 points of mana to 10 damage per 1 point of mana (depending on Sea Witch's level).

Tornado :
Summons a fierce tornado that damages and slows nearby enemy units, sometimes incapacitating them completely. Tornado grows in size over time outdoors, increasing damage dealt and area of effect, but shrinks indoors, dissipating quickly. Unlocked at level 60.

Naga (Passive) :
Swim speed increased by 200%, damage and dodge chance are greatly increased while in water.

Additional info :
Sea Witch is a versatile ranged damage dealer. She is very durable and has some CC capabilities.


  • Rank: Rare Elite
  • Level Bonus: +3
  • Minimum player level: 60
  • Equipment affects visual: no
Class specifics :
  • High resistances
  • cannot mount
  • stamina bonus +20%
  • armor bonus: +50%
  • all damage taken reduced by 15%
  • critical strike rating x2
  • attack power from stats: strength x8
  • spellpower bonus: 200%
  • Equippable weapon: axes, maces, swords, 2h axes, 2h maces, 2h swords, polearms, staves, fist weapons, daggers
  • Equippable armor: plate (no shield)
Abilities :
Carrion Swarm
This ability damages enemies in a very large and long frontal cone, healing Dreadlord for 100% effective damage dealt, can easily restore all health to the Dreadlord, high mana cost. Carrion Swarm deals double damage to incapacitated targets.

Puts enemy to sleep for 60 seconds and reduces armor by 100% for the duration. Damage over time effects do not interrupt this effect, only direct damage does.

Vampiric Aura
Increases physical critical damage by 5% and heals party and raid members within 40 yards for 25% (100% for Dreadlord) of damage dealt by melee physical attacks. This heal generates no threat.

Summons an Infernal Servant at dest location, damaging and stunning enemy units in the area. Infernal is very resistant to magic and its stats scale with Dreadlord's stats. Infernal burns, dealing damage to surrounding enemies every 2 seconds, 180 sec duration.

Additional info :
Dreadlord is most useful in a big party with a lot of melee classes and also can be very annoying in pvp if packed with enough haste and armor penetration.


  • Rank: Rare Elite
  • Level Bonus: +1
  • Minimum player level: 20
  • Equipment affects visual: no
Class specifics :
  • Always mounted (ground mount only)
  • no melee attack
  • armor bonus: 500% intellect
  • spell damage taken reduced by 35%
  • spellpower bonus: 100% intellect
  • Equippable weapon: staves
  • Equippable armor: cloth (no shield)
Abilities :
It looks like your typical mage Blizzard but it's in fact a little different. It has no chill effects or anything, but has higher base damage and scales much more with spellpower.

Summon Water Elemental
Archmage Water Elemental has 1 minute duration and 20 sec cooldown, cannot run out of mana and deals more damage since W3 Archmage could have 3 active Elementals.

Brilliance Aura
Increases maximum mana by 10% and mana regeneration by 100% of party and raid members within 40 yards.

Additional info :
Archmage is most valued for his support capabilities in large groups, although he is very squishy.

Obsidian Destroyer

  • Rank: Rare Elite
  • Level Bonus: +3
  • Minimum player level: 60
  • Equipment affects visual: weapons only
Class specifics :
  • Very high resistances
  • negative mana regeneration which cannot be countered by passive mana regeneration effects (like item mp5 stats)
  • cannot mount
  • no melee attack
  • stamina bonus +50%
  • armor bonus: +50%
  • all damage taken reduced by 33%
  • attack power from stats: strength x2
  • spellpower bonus: 50%
  • attack power + 200%
  • cannot eat
Abilities :
Devour Magic
Dispels up to 2 magic effect from enemies, up to 2 magic effects and 2 curse effects from allies and damaging summoned units in 20 yards dest area, restoring caster's mana and health (20% mana and 5% health for every dispelled effect).

Shadow Blast
Empowered attack that deals increased splash damage to targets in a rather large area. Main target takes more damage than others.

Drain Mana
Drains all mana from a random friendly unit. The amount drained is limited by Obsidian Destroyer's maximum mana. This ability cannot be disabled.

Replenish Mana
Energizes all surrounding party and raid members within 25 yards for 3% of their maximum mana. This ability drains all mana.

Replenish Health
Heals all surrounding party and raid members within 25 yards for 3% of their maximum health. This ability drains all mana.

Shadow Armor (passive)
Restores mana equal to a percentage of damage taken. This ability only triggers when damage taken is enough to restore 10% of Obsidian Destroyer's mana.

Additional info :
Obsidian Destroyer in fact derives from a non-hero unit, but received elite status because of the ability to deal insane amounts of damage given the chance, support party of any kind, dispel, purge AND tank at the same time, utilizing abilities of original unit's both forms: statue form and true form.

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Henchmen Guide
Author : LikwidGaming
Source : Wrath-Reborn

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