Underground Arena Guide

Located deep in the wilds of Stranglethorn Vale, a devious battle circuit has been born. The Goblins of The Vale and the Demons of the Outlands have teamed up to bring you a special Boss Arena. Come participate in battles with some of your favorite bosses, the arena even includes champions from Cataclysm and Shadowlands.

Getting There

The Underground Arena is set up at the site of the old Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale.


  • Traggaz the Battlemaster - Speak to Traggaz to start an arena encounter.
  • Joshua 'Tickets" Taylor - Turn in your special Arena Tickets to summon super epic bosses.
  • Kerrik Firebeard - Kerrik offers arena battle for players under level 80.
  • Jeremiah the Cunning - Jeremiah holds all the rewards you can purchase using Arena Tokens.
  • Orgren Blacktusk - Orgren sells custom gear in exchange for Master Arena Tokens.
  • Billy McDickerson - Billy sells refreshments at the Underground Arena.
  • James Chips Jr. - James sells snacks at the Underground Arena.

Battling in the Arena

To begin an arena battle simply speak to Traggaz and select your opponent. Each opponent has a price for summoning.

After you select your opponent he will be summoned in the center of the arena and will remain there for 15-20 mins. If the opponent is not defeated he will leave the arena. If the opponent is defeated the victor will recieve an arena token, some other valuable loot including Wrath Tokens, custom epic gear, toys and possibly an Arena Master Token, worth even better prizes.

Opponent Loot

  • Arena Master Token
  • Arena Token
  • Crest of Flight
  • Experience Gemstone
  • Hallowed Helm
  • Horn of Wrath
  • Magic Broom
  • Notes : Custom Spirit Wolf
  • Notes : Custom Wrath Reborn Jet Mount
  • Ring of Ghoulish Glee
  • Sinister Squashling
  • Skull of Movement
  • Teleportation Crystal - Dalaran
  • Teleportation Crystal - Darnassus
  • Teleportation Crystal - Exodar
  • Teleportation Crystal - Ironforge
  • Teleportation Crystal - Orgrimmar
  • Teleportation Crystal - Shattrath
  • Teleportation Crystal - Silvermoon
  • Teleportation Crystal - Stormwind
  • Teleportation Crystal - Thunderbluff
  • Teleportation Crystal - Undercity
  • The Horseman's Baleful Blade
  • The Horseman's Horrific Helm
  • The Horseman's Reins
  • The Horseman's Seal
  • Tigress Relic
  • Tome of Thomas Thomson
  • Weighted Jack-o'-Lantern
  • Wicked Witch's Band
  • Wrath Reborn Storage Box
  • Wrath Reborn Swag
  • Wrath Token

Selecting Prizes

After you defeat your opponent you can speak to Jeremiah to select your prize. His inventory will change from time to time, but mostly consists of custom made gear & items.

Underground Arena Tickets

If you are lucky enough to locate an Underground Arena Ticket in one of the new vanilla heroics you can turn it in with Joshua 'Tickets' Taylor at the arena. This will summon a special rare boss encounter.

The Junior Arena

Not high enough level for the big bosses at the arena? Try speaking with Kerrik Firebeard, the low level registration npc to setup an enounter with a low level rare boss. Your choices of bosses will be :

  • [Level 20-30] - Aku mai
  • [Level 20-30] - Archmage Arugal
  • [Level 20-30] - Bruegal Ironknuckle
  • [Level 20-30] - Electrocuteur 6000
  • [Level 30-40] - Earthcaller Halmgar
  • [Level 30-40] - Azshir the Sleepless
  • [Level 30-40] - Herod
  • [Level 30-40] - Plaguemaw the Rotting
  • [Level 50-60] - Panzor the Invincible
  • [Level 50-60] - Lady Illucia Barov

Secret Arena Invitations

This invitation when used will teleport you to the Secret Arena to battle against Mists of Pandaria bosses. The invitation can be looted from the weekly chest in the Dalaran Sewer.

Secret Arena Bosses

Secret Arena Goodies
  • 250 Gametime Points
  • Assorted Writings
  • D.I.S.C.O.
  • Flash Powder
  • Frost Vial
  • Gin & Tonic
  • Light Feather
  • Pandaren Monk
  • Secret Master Token
  • Symbol of Divinity
  • The Flag of Ownership
  • The Reborn Shirt
  • Wrath Token

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Underground Arena Guide
Author : Likwid
Source : Wrath-Reborn

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