👑 New Feature : Hardmode
What is Hardmode?

Hardmode is an optional, high-stakes gameplay feature designed for players seeking an intense and challenging experience from the very beginning of their journey. Once activated at level 1, players will enter a unique and unforgiving game mode where they have only one life. If a player dies while in Hardmode, the feature is disabled for that character.

How do I enable Hardmode?

You can enable hardmode by speaking with Seraphina Stormbreaker. Seraphina Stormbreaker can be found in every races starting area. This special mode can only be enabled at level 1. Once this mode is enabled the only way to disable it is to die.

What are the debuffs?

  • 25% less chance to hit.
  • 20% slower attacks.
  • 5% increase damage taken from the physical school.
  • Reduces healing taken by 50%.

Which NPCs will no longer speak to me?

The following NPCs will no longer do business with you :

  • Katie Wrath, The Point Vendor
  • Eugene Wrather, Code Redeemer
  • Jack of Spades, Azeroth Gambler
  • Sarge the Assassin, Azeroth Gambler
  • Trader Larson, Black Market Vendor
  • GM Guard in Stormwind

What happens to my XP rate?

  • Your XP rate goes down to 1x just like retail.

Do any items stop working?

  • The Horn of Wrath will no longer function.
  • Experience Gems will no longer function.

What are the rewards?

For reaching the max level of 80 while still in hardmode you will receive the following rewards :

  • 100,000 gold
  • 500 Wrath Tokens
  • 1 VIP Mount Token
  • 1 VIP Item Token
  • A Custom Title : Hardmode Champion
  • A Custom achievement : Hardmode
  • Any 1 Item from the Online Shop (up to $25.00)

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Hardmode Guide
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