Wrath Mountains Guide

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Getting to the Wrath Mountains

You can reach the Wrath Mountains by speaking to Thrumbar Rockpeak located on the flying custom island next to Dalaran.

What are the Wrath Mountains

A new frontier beckons adventurers to explore its untold mysteries and embark on a journey like never before. Welcome to the Wrath Mountains, a groundbreaking zone that promises a paradigm shift in the WoW gaming experience.

The Wrath Mountains introduce an innovative concept that transcends the traditional boundaries of class-based gameplay. Here, players will not only engage in epic battles and face formidable foes but also embark on class-specific questlines that transcend their usual roles. Imagine a rogue mastering the arcane arts or a shaman delving into the subtleties of stealth—such scenarios are now a thrilling reality in this expansive and diverse zone.

Spanning ten distinct areas, the Wrath Mountains promise a visual feast for the eyes and a challenge for the most seasoned adventurers. Each zone is meticulously crafted, offering a unique blend of breathtaking landscapes and treacherous terrain. From the ominous peaks of the Protection Summit to the mystical Valley of the Arcane, players will find themselves immersed in a world that demands both courage and cunning.

But the Wrath Mountains aren't just about facing new challenges; they bring a plethora of opportunities for resource gathering and skill development. Miners can delve into the depths to extract a rare and potent ore, herbalists can uncover the secrets of a new mystical herb, and leatherworkers can refine their craft with unique hides found only in this formidable realm. Additionally, a new profession awaits those with a penchant for unraveling history—archaeology takes center stage, allowing players to uncover ancient artifacts and unlock the mysteries of Azeroth's past.

As the winds of change sweep through the Wrath Mountains, players will find themselves not only pitted against powerful adversaries but also collaborating across class lines to master abilities beyond their usual repertoire. Brace yourselves for an unparalleled adventure, as the Wrath Mountains redefine the very essence of World of Warcraft, inviting players to push the boundaries of their class identities and forge a new era of camaraderie and discovery. The journey begins here, in the heart of the Wrath Mountains, where legends are born and destinies are rewritten.

New Areas

Home of the Mountain Warlocks
Welcome to "Purgatory," the sinister and enigmatic custom zone introduced in World of Warcraft, where dark magic reigns supreme, and warlocks harness the forbidden powers of the nether. Nestled between the realms of life and death, Purgatory is a haunting landscape where shadows dance and ancient secrets linger, waiting to be unraveled.

The ultimate prize awaiting those who dare to traverse this perilous realm is the coveted warlock spell, "Create Soulstone." This dark and potent ability allows warlocks to capture a fragment of a fallen ally's soul, ensuring that they may return to the fray even in death. Mastery of this forbidden technique grants warlocks unparalleled power over life and death on the battlefield, making them indispensable allies and formidable adversaries.

Home of the Mountain Warriors
Welcome to "The Lake of Arms," a formidable new custom zone in World of Warcraft where the clash of steel and the thunderous roar of warriors resonate across the rugged landscape. Nestled at the heart of this martial haven, a vast and crystalline lake reflects the glinting blades of battle-ready champions, and the air is thick with the scent of sweat and the anticipation of combat.

The ultimate reward for conquering The Lake of Arms is the coveted warrior spell, 'Bladestorm.' This powerful ability allows warriors to unleash a whirlwind of devastation upon their foes, becoming a relentless force of destruction as blades dance around them. Mastery of 'Bladestorm' transforms warriors into veritable tornadoes of steel, wreaking havoc upon any who dare to stand in their path.

Home of the Mountain Hunters
Welcome to "The Hunting Grounds," a sprawling and untamed custom zone within the vast world of World of Warcraft. This rugged expanse, surrounded by dense forests and craggy cliffs, serves as a haven for seasoned hunters and stealthy rangers. As players step into The Hunting Grounds, they are immediately greeted by the scent of pine, the rustle of leaves, and the distant howls of predators echoing through the wilderness.

The ultimate reward for those who successfully navigate The Hunting Grounds is the coveted hunter spell, 'Summon Tamed Ravager.' This powerful ability allows hunters to call forth a loyal ravager companion, a fierce and agile predator trained to aid its master in the heat of battle. With their summoned ravager by their side, hunters gain a valuable ally, enhancing their effectiveness in both solo pursuits and group encounters.

Home of the Mountain Mages
Welcome to "Arcane Valley," a mesmerizing and enchanting custom zone nestled within the expansive world of World of Warcraft. This mystical landscape, shrouded in an ethereal glow and surrounded by towering crystalline spires, serves as a haven for wizards and mages who have mastered the arcane arts. As players venture into Arcane Valley, they find themselves immersed in an atmosphere alive with the crackle of magical energies and the subtle hum of incantations.

The ultimate reward for those who successfully navigate the challenges of Arcane Valley is the coveted mage spell, 'Frost Nova.' This chilling and defensive ability allows mages to freeze the very air around them, creating a protective barrier of ice that immobilizes and slows nearby foes. Mastery of 'Frost Nova' grants mages a powerful tool for controlling the battlefield and ensuring their own safety in the face of adversity.

Home of the Mountain Paladins
Welcome to "Protection Summit," a sacred and lofty custom zone nestled within the expansive world of World of Warcraft. Perched atop towering mountain peaks and bathed in the soft glow of celestial light, Protection Summit serves as a bastion for holy defenders and devoted paladins. As players ascend into this divine realm, they are greeted by the harmonious echoes of celestial hymns and the radiant brilliance that emanates from the sanctified grounds.

The ultimate reward for those who successfully navigate the challenges of Protection Summit is the revered paladin spell, 'Divine Shield.' This divine and defensive ability allows paladins to invoke a powerful shield of light that renders them immune to all harm for a brief duration. Mastery of 'Divine Shield' grants paladins the ability to stand unyielding in the face of adversity, shielding themselves and their allies from the forces of darkness.

Home of the Mountain Rogues
Welcome to "Daggerfall," a shadowy and treacherous custom zone entrenched within the world of World of Warcraft. Nestled within the dimly lit alleyways of a sprawling city, Daggerfall is a haven for rogues, thieves, and the clandestine underbelly of society. As players slip into the shadowy streets of Daggerfall, they find themselves surrounded by the ominous whispers of concealed miscreants and the subtle clang of blades being honed in secrecy.

The ultimate reward for those who successfully navigate the perils of Daggerfall is the coveted rogue spell, 'Stealth.' This shadowy ability allows rogues to blend seamlessly with their surroundings, rendering them nearly invisible to the naked eye. With 'Stealth' at their disposal, rogues gain the power to approach their targets undetected and execute covert operations with precision.

Home of the Mountain Druids
Welcome to "The Menagerie," a mystical and enchanting custom zone within the expansive world of World of Warcraft. Nestled beneath towering ancient trees and bathed in the soft glow of magical lanterns, The Menagerie is a sanctuary for druids and fortune tellers who commune with nature and the threads of fate. As players step into this ethereal realm, they find themselves surrounded by the soothing whispers of the wind, the rustle of leaves, and the distant murmurings of those attuned to the secrets of the wild.

The ultimate reward for those who successfully navigate the mystical trials of The Menagerie is the revered druid spell, 'Travel Form.' This transformative ability allows druids to assume the shape of a swift and agile creature, enhancing their mobility and enabling them to traverse the terrain with unparalleled speed.

Home of the Mountain Shaman
Welcome to the "Elemental Forest," a sacred and vibrant custom zone nestled within the expansive world of World of Warcraft. Surrounded by ancient trees and cradled between mist-laden peaks, the Elemental Forest is a haven for religious leaders and mountain shamans who commune with the primal forces of the natural world. As players venture into this mystical realm, they find themselves immersed in an atmosphere of reverence, where the whispers of the wind and the harmonious chants of those attuned to the elements echo through the ancient groves.

The ultimate reward for those who successfully navigate the spiritual trials of the Elemental Forest is the revered shaman spell, 'Grounding Totem.' This powerful ability allows shamans to call forth a totem imbued with the essence of nature, providing support in battles with reflective abilities that hinder their enemies.

Home of the Mountain Priests
Welcome to "The Holy Lands," a sacred and luminous custom zone within the expansive world of World of Warcraft. Bathed in the radiant glow of the holy light and cradled within serene valleys, The Holy Lands stand as a sanctuary for the most skilled healers and devoted priests. As players step into this divine realm, they are greeted by the uplifting harmonies of sacred chants and the gentle caress of the benevolent light that suffuses the surroundings.

The ultimate reward for those who successfully navigate the sacred trials of The Holy Lands is the revered priest spell, 'Mass Resurrection.' This profound ability allows priests to call upon the holy light to simultaneously resurrect multiple fallen allies, restoring them to life and renewing their spirits in the midst of battle.

Home of the Mountain Death Knights
Welcome to "Death Valley," a desolate and ominous custom zone entrenched within the vast world of World of Warcraft. Shrouded in perpetual twilight and draped in the chilling aura of the undead, Death Valley is a realm dominated by the fear and darkness that accompanies the ominous presence of death knights. As players venture into this foreboding expanse, they find themselves enveloped in an eerie silence, broken only by the distant echoes of spectral howls and the unsettling whispers of the forsaken.

The ultimate reward for those who successfully navigate the chilling trials of Death Valley is the coveted death knight spell, 'Raise Ally.' This sinister ability allows death knights to call upon the powers of the undead, resurrecting a fallen ally to continue fighting by their side in the relentless pursuit of darkness.


Critters & Live Animals

  • Deer
  • Black Sheep
  • Sheep
  • Ram
  • Snake
  • Gazelle
  • Mountain Skunk


  • Vauzor The Hollow - Pugatory Innkeeper
  • Thomold The Vicious - Lake of Arms Innkeeper
  • Ana Monella - The Menagerie Innkeeper
  • Olaf Rastina - The Hunting Grounds Innkeeper
  • Leuthere The Chosen - Arcane Valley Innkeeper
  • Sir Auron - Protection Summit Innkeeper
  • Manah The Quick - Daggerfall Innkeeper
  • Heymeri the Keeper - Elemental Forest Innkeeper
  • Father Nituhm - The Holy Lands Innkeeper
  • Knight Butriss - Death Valley Innkeeper


  • Hunter Aaron Trueshot - Ammo Vendor
  • Roc The Hunter - Stable Keeper
  • Mountain Trader - General Goods
  • Mountain Jeweler - Mountain Prospector
  • Mountain Architect - Blueprints & Recipes
  • Morlorn Darkreaper - Sigil Vendor
  • Stormcaller Farseer Gloomclaw - Totem Vendor
  • Seraphim Lightforge - Holy Librarian
  • Grovekeeper Thornshadow - Idol Crafter
  • Grizz Stoneforge - Shield Vendor
  • Blastfuse Geargrinder - Burning Engineer
  • Mountaineer - Gear Repair


  • Frostclaw Icebrand - Protection Summit
  • Emberforge Flameheart - Daggerfall
  • Stormhowl Thunderpeak - The Holy Lands
  • Sage Frostpeak - Wrath Mountains Entrance
  • Lorekeeper Stonehelm - The Lake of Arms


  • Mountain Paladin - Mountain Residents
  • Mountain Rogue - Mountain Residents
  • Mountain Priest - Mountain Residents
  • Mountain Shaman - Mountain Residents
  • Mountain Death Knight - Mountain Residents
  • Mountain Warrior - Mountain Residents
  • Mountain Hunter - Mountain Residents
  • Mountain Warlock - Mountain Residents
  • Mountain Mage - Mountain Residents
  • Mountain Druid - Mountain Residents

Quest Givers

  • Captain Lutgarr - Protection Summit
  • Hooded Traveller - Daggerfall
  • Rogue Fisherman - Daggerfall
  • Cedric the Sharp - Daggerfall
  • Father Holy Light - The Holy Lands
  • Shaman Instructor - Elemental Forest
  • Zephyrak the Elemental - Elemental Forest
  • Thorngrin the Unyielding - Death Valley
  • Mountain Foreman - Lake of Arms
  • Vorren Swiftshot - The Hunting Grounds
  • Zalthara the Shadowbinder - Purgatory
  • R. Kane - Arcane Valley
  • Robinia the Keeper - The Menagerie
  • Rip the Digger - Wrath Mountains
  • Captain Samantha Ironheart - Wrath Mountains
  • Mountaineer Guard - Wrath Mountains

Racial Leaders

  • Prophet Velen - Wrath Mountains
  • Lor'themar Theron - Wrath Mountains
  • Thrall - Wrath Mountains
  • Lady Sylvanas Windrunner - Wrath Mountains
  • Tyrande Whisperwind - Wrath Mountains
  • King Magni Bronzebeard - Wrath Mountains
  • Cairne Bloodhoof - Wrath Mountains

New Trades

  • Aetherium Ore
    A rare ore that can be mined in the Wrath Mountains and traded to Hudson Melkree in the Holy Lands exchange for goods.
  • Mountain Orchids
    An exotic herb that can only be picked by master herbalists in the Wrath Mountains. These herbs can be traded to Samuel Rose in The Elemental Forest for various goodies.
  • Mountain Hide
    This rare leather can be skinned from most Wrath Mountain foes and traded into Sneaky Pete in Daggerfall for a selection of various goods.
  • Archeology
    Once you accept the quest Archeology from Rip The Digger, you will be given an archeology tool that can be used to dig up Archeology Digsites found throughout the mountains.

Things to Do

  • Edge of The Woods
    This is a non-primary quest given by Samantha Ironheart in the Wrath Mountains entrance area. The objective is to escort Thundertusk from the Wrath Mountain starting area through multiple mobs of beasts and assassins until you can Thundertusk reach Gerald Moonwhisper at the start of the Lake of Arms area. This quest comes with a timer of 41.5 minutes.
  • Uncover an Imposter
    While taking the non-primary escort quest Stranger Danger, given by the Hooded Traveller in Daggerfall, you will be tasked with escorting the strange NPC from the shadows of the forest down into the village of Daggerfall. We're not saying the NPC is a demon but just in case he is, kill him to complete the quest and earn your goodies.
  • Stop the Corruption
    This main quest requires the player to attain the Heart of a Demon from killing the demons found roaming in The Holy Lands. Once you have a heart, bring it to the undead surveyor, who can be found standing next to his demon summoning machine. He will summon Corruptor Nor'kil in exchange for the Heart of a Demon. Good luck with this battle.
  • Take up Archeology
    Once you take the Archeology quest from Rip the Digger you will be given an Archeology Tool which you can use to dig up Archeologist Digsite found throughout the Wrath Mountains. If you're lucky you can dig up a Gold Bar or maybe even a Mimiron's Head. As long as you have the tool you can dig up the sites.
  • Become a Detective
    By speaking with Duskrender the Arbiter in the death knight area of Death Valley you will notice that a horrific crime has taken place, a murdered alliance soldier. Duskrender will offer you the quest Death Trials in which you must speak to several witnesses as well as search the area for clues. Once you are ready to make an accusation speak to Duskrender and make your claim, if you're correct you will be rewarded heavily.
  • Learn Class Abilities
    As you make your way through the Wrath Mountains you will notice that each zone is specifically created for specific classes. By completing questlines in these areas you will be awarded with abilities that were previously not available to your class. These extra abilities available to other classes include Bladestorm, Mass Resurrection, Frost Nova, Create Soulstone and many others.
  • High Stakes Fishing
    For our anglers out there, the waters of the Wrath Mountains offer some of the rarest catches in all of Azeroth. If you are lucky enough to find water safe enough to fish in you may be able to hook a Demonfish, Elusive Mountain Koi or even a Rogue Bass. Some of these fish sell for upwards of 75g each!
  • Mine for Aetherium
    We didn't forget about you rock bangers out there. The Wrath Mountains are chock full of Aetherium Veins, a new ore that can only be mined in the Wrath Mountains. Once you have a hefty stack of these rocks head on over to the Rare Collector in The Holy Lands and trade some in for some goodies along the lines of Great Feast, Arcanum of Torment or even a new custom item.
  • Pick some Mountain Orchids
    For those who like to take things slow and pick flowers in the meadows you can now explore the Wrath Mountains and pick our new herb, Mountain Orchids. These luscious plants can be found all throughout the mountain areas and once you have enough of them you can trade them in with Samuel Rose in the Elemental Forest for some Package of Identified Plants or even a Book of Glyph Mastery.
  • Skin some Hides
    If you're headed to the Wrath Mountains bring your skinning knife because alot of the critters and foes here will yield a new leather called, Mountain Hide. If you're looking to skin some for yourself make sure you look for the Mischievous Cougar, Hooded Traveller, Spirit Wolf, Mountain Groll, Elemental Spider, Summit Worgen & the Dark Felhunters. Once you have enough of these leathers you can speak to Sneaky Pete in Daggerfall to exchange them for some custom armor.
  • Upgrade your Weapons
    If you were skilled enough to collect a Jelllyfish Dagger, Jelllyfish Bow, Jelllyfish Staff, Gronn Bonecracker, Gronn Sharp Stick or Sword of the Gronn by completing the quests from Loremaster Fu in Dalaran, you're gonna have a blast here. Once you begin defeating the foes found around the Wrath Mountains you will start to collect Wrath Mountain Fragments. Once you have one of the previously listed weapons and 50 Wrath Mountain Fragments head to Tare'k Black in Purgatory for an elite and rare weapon upgrade.
  • Collect Wrath Tokens
    Aside from random drops, if you do all the class quests available as well as the extra quests in the Wrath Mountains you will have collected over 70 Wrath Tokens. You can take these to many of the games custom vendors and trade them in for an assortment of unreleased, custom and amazing goodies.

New Achievemnts

  • Gurol the Groll
    Kill Gurol the Groll located in the Wrath Mountains.
  • Cultist Akitah
    Kill Cultist Akitah located in the Lake of Arms in the Wrath Mountains.
  • Empowered Vampiric Fiends
    Kill 50 Empowered Vampiric Fiends located in the Holy Lands.
  • Mountain Escort
    Safely escort Thundertusk through the Wrath Mountains.
  • Mountain Corruptor
    Summon and eliminate Nor'kil the Corruptor in the Wrath Mountains.

Area Map

  • * - Wrath Mountain Entrance
  • 1 - Lake of Arms (Warrior Area)
  • 2 - The Holy Lands (Priest Area)
  • 3 - Daggerfall
  • 4 - Elemental Forest
  • 5 - Protection Summit
  • 6 - Arcane Valley
  • 7 - The Hunting Grounds
  • 8 - The Menagerie
  • 9 - Death Valley
  • 10 - Purgatory

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