Best WOTLK Mounts

The Green Protodrake

The green Green Protodrake is one of the nicest-looking drake mounts. Plus your journey to obtain it gives you an awesome personal connection with it. To get this the best Wrath of the Lich King mount, first, you'll need to be revered by the Oracles. Then you can purchase a mysterious egg. After 7 days, the egg will hatch into a cracked egg. This cracked egg may contain the green Green Proto drake.

Mechano Hog

The Mecano Hog is the ultimate biker flex. Some Tauren mains even consider this to be the best mount WOTLK Classic because it's low to the ground. The vendor items and titan steel bars will destroy your bank account, enjoy purchasing the goblin machine pistons, the salvaged iron golem parts, and the elementium plated exhaust pipe. But like the tooltip says, don't you want to ride this sweet hog?
Grand Black War Mammoth

There are 6 types of mammoths in Wrath. Obviously, the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth is the ultimate flex and will make you the hero of your guild. But let's talk about the Grand Black War Mammoth. This mammoth has a 1% drop chance from each of the bosses in the vault of archivon. That's the raid you can only do if your faction controls wintergrass. Since this raid can only be cleared once per week, you should start running it as soon as possible to get the actual rarest and coolest mammoth.
Violet Protodrake

The Violet Protodrake is one of the most gorgeous mounts in WOW Wrath. And you need to start working on it the minute Wrath comes out. This mount requires you to complete 8 separate holiday achievements throughout the year. You'll receive this mount from Alexstraza in the mail once you complete it. What a long strange trip it's been, because Wrath will launch around brew fest and Halloween, you'll want to immediately get those event achievements out of the way. Once those holiday events are over, you'll have to wait an entire year to get this awesome mount.
Time Lost Protodrake

At number one on this WOTLK best mounts list, we have the Time Lost Protodrake. This should be your priority on the Wrath launch. There are multiple spawn points and the drake respawns randomly. So the earlier you start hunting, the better. Top players knew the best way to get Tidal Charm in Classic was to do it during the leveling grind. This is the exact same concept. There will be way more layers on the Wrath of Lich King release date on the big servers which means many more drake spawns while everyone is leveling. You should go off and get yourself a Time Lost Protodrake. You definitely deserve it.

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Top WOTLK Mounts
Author : Kristy Ambrose
Source : Likwid Gaming

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