City Invasions

Invasion Information

Invasions are set off at random. When an invasion is announced in chat you should head for that main city, if possible. During the invasion a large custom raid boss, that you may or not recognize, will start stomping thru the city killing guards. The invader will spend about 5 mins wreaking havoc on the city before leaving. If you defeat the invader before he/she leaves the city you will earn an achievement and some awesome loot.

Invasion Locations

Dalaran City
Dalaran Invasion

INVADER : Sara the Wreckless

Stormwind City
Dalaran Invasion

INVADER : Glar the Quick

Dalaran Invasion

INVADER : Hogger Sr.

Silvermoon City
Dalaran Invasion

INVADER : Catienne the Mistress


Dalaran Invasion

INVADER : Forlorn Creeper


Dalaran Invasion

INVADER : Long Fang

Aegis of Stormwind
Amalgam's Band
Ancient Bone Bow
Axe of Orgrimmar
Axeman Shirt
Band of the Steadfast Hero
Beaststalker's Cap
Blade of Necromancy
Bloodmail Belt
Bloodmail Hauberk
Blue Riding Nether Ray
Bone Golem Shoulders
Bonechill Hammer
Boneclenched Gauntlets
Bracers of Dalaran's Parapets
Bristlebark Belt
Cadaverous Belt
Cadaverous Gloves
Captain Sanders' Booty Bag
Caster Shirt
Chipped Crypt Diamond
Classic Turtle Shell
Crypt Shirt
Dalaran Clam Chowder
Dalaran Firework
Dalaran Sentry Headguard
Dalaran Sentry Wristbraces
Dalaran Warden's Legplates
Dancing Sliver
Dimly Opalescent Ring
Enraged Fiery Soul
Eye of Orgrimmar
Fabled Arrows
Ghostly Skull
Glass of Peaked Dalaran Red
Hammer of Orgrimmar
History of the Crypt
Horde Battle Standard
Horn of Wrath
Hunter Shirt
Ironforge Smasher
Kris of Orgrimmar
Learn : Summon Painlasher (Succubus)
Lucky Pouch of Tokens
Mace Wielder Shirt
Medallion of the Horde
Netherweave Cloth
Phoenix Hatchling
Relentless Gladiator's Battle Staff
Relentless Gladiator's Energy Staff
Relentless Gladiator's Focus Staff
Relentless Gladiator's Staff
Relentless Gladiator's War Staff
Scholomance Token
Scholomance's Embrace
Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran
Shirt of the Rogue
Songstone of Ironforge
Staff of Orgrimmar
Steampunk Barrier
Stormwind Brie
Stormwind Commendation Badge
Stormwind Maul
Swift Horde Wolf
Swift Nether Drake
Swordsman Shirt
Talisman of the Horde
Teleportation Crystal - Dalaran
Teleportation Crystal - Darnassus
Teleportation Crystal - Exodar
Teleportation Crystal - Ironforge
Teleportation Crystal - Orgrimmar
Teleportation Crystal - Shattrath
Teleportation Crystal - Silvermoon
Teleportation Crystal - Stormwind
Teleportation Crystal - Thunderbluff
Teleportation Crystal - Undercity
The Demon Wall
The Lion Horn of Stormwind
The Tombstone
The Triforce
Underground Arena Ticket
Wrath Classic Storage Box
Wrath Classic Token
Wrath Token
There is an achievement worth 90 points for defending each city that can be found in the Wrath Classic section of your achievements. You can earn this eachievement once per character and you must be the killer of the invading boss to recieve this achievement.

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City Invasions Guide
Author : Likwid Gaming
Source : Wrath-Reborn

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