The Crypt Guide

  • Explorable Area under Karazhan
  • Both Faction
  • Open PVP
  • No Level Requirement (suggested level 80)
    ➡️ Well of the Forgotten
    The Forgotten Crypt lies behind the tower of Karazhan, in the cemetery at Morgan's Plot. The purpose of the crypt was originally unknown.

    ➡️ Pauper's Walk
    Long hallways which lead around the Forgotten Crypt. It is immediately accessed after you pass through the Well of the Forgotten.

    ➡️ Crypt
    The crypt was originally never fully implemented because the mildly disturbing content would've made WoW's ESRB rating become M for Mature.

    ➡️ Tome of the Unrepentant
    The Tome of the Unrepentant is an area in the Forgotten Crypt where a large pool can be found. There are also a couple of graves.

    ➡️ The Upside-Down Sinners
    The Upside-down Sinners is an area in the Forgotten Crypt where humans are hanged upside down in the water with ropes tied to chains.

    ➡️ The Slough of Dispair
    The Slough of Dispair is an area in the Forgotten Crypt. It is a room with a hole in the middle filled with excavation gear and a final boss.

    ➡️ Pit of Criminals
    The Pit of Criminals is an area in the Forgotten Crypt where a pile of skeletons can be found.

    To get into the crypts you will need to visit the custom content island floating next to Dalaran. Once there, speak to Murek Windbasher to access the crypts.



    • Various Epics
    • Common Transmog Gear
    • Wrath Reborn Storage Box
      This enormous bag has 36 slots and can be attained from defeating the final Spirit in the Crypts as well as from Cyrus, the Legion Demolisher found when revisiting Stormwind.
    • Fabled Arrows
      These legendary arrows due enormous damage as well as apply some buffs to your arrows! Get your Fabled Arrows from the loot at the end of the Crypt.
    • Noob Tabard
      This special tabard is one of the only tabards in the game with armor, a cool proc spell and stats. You can get your tabard from the loot at the end of the Crypts.
    • Elusive Crypt Lantern
      This truly enlightening off-hand item can be found from completing the Hidden Crypts instance.

    • Daryl Simmons
      Daryl, the Crypt Hat Maker will greet you at the entrance of the Hidden Crypts waiting to craft a legendary and unique demonic headpiece, just bring him the needed materials.

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The Crypt Guide
Author : Likwid
Source : Wrath-Classic

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