Reborn Card Game Guide

Starting in August we have a new feature. The Reborn Card Game. Hidden amongst the bosses of Azeroth, Outlands and Northrend are several special playing cards. Collecting these cards can lead to your character attaining a fresh new custom legendary.

Card Locations :

This part is easy. We're not telling you! Go find em or ask around.

Where to turn in the cards :

Once you get a few cards visit Dan Bilzerian on the custom island in Dalaran. He will exchange certain cards for various new custom-made legendary gear.

The Cards :

Perhaps the largest clue to the location of the cards is in the name....

  • Frozen Reborn Card
  • Reborn Card of the Lair
  • Reborn Card of Reflection
  • Reborn Card of Lightning
  • Molten Reborn Card

The Rewards :

The following gear is available from the card game :

  • Tome of the Reborn Mage
    Need a snazzy book to carry around? Well we have you covered.

  • Reborn Shotgun
    Click, Click, BOOM! This hunter ranged weapon is one of the strongest in the game so far.

  • Knife of the Master
    We didn't forget about our rogues. This dagger is a must have for all you sneaky little bastards.

  • Double Edged Blade of Chaos
    Axe Wielders will want to make it a point to grab this goodie. The toughest 2-hander in the game.

  • Hammer of the Priest
    The most prestigious healer mace in the entire game is now available.

  • Lukes Legendary Sword
    Finally a 2 handed lightsaber. May the force be with yall!

  • Full Heal Potion
    This potion can be drank every 2 mins to give the player a full 100% heal.

Card Locations :

Have you found a Reborn Card? Let everyone know where you found it? #wrathreborn #reborncards #wotlk #worldofwarcraft

Posted by Wrath Reborn on Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Reborn Card Game Guide
Author : LikwidGaming
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